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Expert Witness in Fort Lauderdale, FL

When you need an expert witness in Fort Lauderdale, FL be sure to call Homeowner's Insurance Guide. Martyn Belben has provided expert testimony in a wide range of legal cases related to both Property and Marine claims.

If you need to find an insurance claim consultant, you can rely on Homeowner's Insurance Guide to help you with your insurance claims

About Martyn G. D. Belben

Martyn G. D. Belben began his insurance career as a broker in the Underwriting Room at Lloyd's of London. He became a professional, independent, property and casualty loss adjuster and marine surveyor in 1961. He founded his own firm in 1968, and handled large and mega value property, casualty  and marine claims for international insurers, covering 72 countries, world wide, from his London office.

In 1987 Martyn retired to Florida, but soon re-established his own firm of independent adjusters and Third Party administrators. In 2004, Martyn changed his professional license to allow him to handle claims exclusively representing the policyholder. This action was taken in  response to the world wide insurance industry's adoption of the McKinsey method of handling claims, which has become known as "DENY, DELAY AND DEFEND."  Today, therefore, Martyn represents policyholders only, and accepts assignments throughout Florida which fall under the general umbrella of  property, casualty and marine claims.

Martyn is now accepting also, assignments representing policyholders as an Expert Witness, claims dispute Appraiser or Umpire, nationwide, on Property, Casualty and Marine Claims, thereby assisting plaintiffs' counsel to achieve fair and reasonable claim settlements, as promised under every insurance policy that has ever been issued.

Finally, Martyn authored a Homeowner's Insurance Guide, which was published in September, 2018 and is available from Amazon, in paperback. This book pulls no punches.  A spade is called a spade, and a crook a crook. The book clearly describes the insurance industry as it is today, and provides information to policyholders to help them understand today's system. Thus, the book helps policyholders to achieve fair, legal, reasonable and proper adjustments and settlements of their claims, and and thus, to restore their damaged properties to their pre-loss condition.

Expert Witness in Fort Lauderdale, FL – Martyn Belben


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